How Having A Big Picture Perspective Leads To Success

It amazes me how some people can actually see the same thing physically but have a different perspective on it mentally. I believe it’s because there’s a difference between our eyesight and our mindsight. What you see (vision), plays a key role in your success.

Vision, mindsight

When you think about vision, think about these two definitions. The first one is the sense of being able to use your eyes to see – eyesight.  The second definition is to envision/anticipate that which will or may come to be – mindsight.

One you can actually see with your physical eyes, the other you can see with your mental eyes. It’s not really here yet but you can picture it, you can envision it with you mental eyes.

Having the right perspective on both sights – your mindsight and your eyesight – will help you achieve your goals as well as give you the motivation to keep things in proper perspective and not sweat the small stuff.

3 Ways Big Picture Perspective Leads To Success

1. See It

Our first point is, see it. You have to see the big picture with your mind, regardless of what you see with your eyes. This is why some people see the same thing physically but have different perspective mentally. Consider this for example.

You have three workers all doing the same job, constructing a building. Each worker was asked the same question, “What is that you’re building?” Worker one responded by saying, “I’m laying bricks on top of each other, that’s my job.”

Worker number two responded, “I’m building a wall.” He’s actually laying bricks, but his perspective isn’t laying bricks but building a wall.

Finally, worker number three answered, “I’m building a cathedral.” Here he is laying the same bricks as the others but his perspective is seeing a cathedral.

Mindsight vs Eyesight

Let’s break down this mindsight versus eyesight or big picture perspective versus small picture perspective.

Your eyesight, or small picture perspective, is driven by things that are happening around you or outside of you, your outer-self. Your mindsight, big picture perspective, that’s driven by what’s inside of you, your inner-self.

Eyesight sees the raw materials, it sees the lumber, cement, nails, hammer, all of the raw materials. Your mindsight sees the finished product, it see the cathedral, it sees your dream home. Mindsight is your ability to see the finished product mentally before you can see it physically.

Just in case you didn’t know, you have God-given raw materials on the inside of you. If you see things from the proper perspective you can turn what may seem like broken pieces (eyesight) to your masterpiece (mindsight).

But, how do you get what you see physically with your eyesight to align with what you see mentally with your mindsight?

2. Write It

Point number two is to write it. You have to capture the vision and keep it up front. Writing down your vision helps you bridge your mindsight (mental vision) to your eyesight (physical vision).

As a Wisdom Chaser, I’m chasing wisdom from all places, whether it’s on social media, books, movies, interactions, you name it. One book I keep in heavy rotation when it comes to wisdom is the Bible.

Over 2,500 years ago there was a Hebrew prophet by the name of Habakkuk, who said to “write the vision, make it plain on tablets.” You didn’t know folks had iPads back then…just kidding, but back then they had these tablets which were stones that they wrote words on.

Physical Reminder

You need to write down your visions. Put them in places that you see routinely like your bathroom mirror, car dashboard or maybe on the refrigerator. It’s always great to have that physical reminder to reinforce your vision.

Maybe you need a different type of physical reminder other than words like many athletes use, pictures. Use visual reminders or visual metaphors, like a picture of a house, a car, or an object that serves as a reminder of what you’re working hard for.

Having that visual reminder, writing down your vision is going to help you stay focused and not sweat the small things, to help you bridge that mindsight (mental vision) to your eyesight (physical vision).

So you wrote it down – now what? I’m going to go back to my friend Habakkuk and finish his quote. He said, “Write the vision, make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”(Hab 2:2)

3. Chase It

The third and final point is to chase it. Always remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You have to run with endurance, it’s not a one and done thing. It’s something you’re going to have to work towards on a continual basis.

Don’t run aimlessly. That’s why you write it down, that’s why you have those reminders to keep it in front so you can continue to push forward. Chasing is an intentional action towards a purpose, towards a vision.

You have to be willing to put in the work that’s required to accomplish your big picture dream. I can remember training as an athlete, the pain, the sweat, and the discomfort. I didn’t like all of the running, drills, and reps, but I saw the big picture. I knew it was preparing me to chase after that cathedral, that win, that championship.

That’s what it’s going to take for you to accomplish your big picture dream. You need to stay up late, wake up early, put in the extra time, make the sacrifices. I’ll tell you this, it may not seem like it’s fair, you may be uncomfortable, but it sure will be worth it!

Delayed Gratification

Here’s the big takeaway with chase it. Delayed gratification, not instant satisfaction. Instant satisfaction is only temporary, but delayed gratification is a lasting reward. You have to put in the work. Chasing after your big picture dream may seem like a never ending race.

It’s important to note that delayed does not mean denied. Keep the faith, because faith is what you hope for through your actions, through chasing. For faith without chasing, it’s dead. You have to have faith.

Here’s what delayed gratification will give you. Today you’re laying bricks, tomorrow you’re enjoying your cathedral. Today you are buffing plates, but tomorrow you’re enjoying your own establishment. Today you may be riding the bench or second string, but tomorrow you will be leading your team.

See the big picture. Write it down. Chase after it. Don’t run away from your big picture, run after it!

If you have a big picture dream that you’ve envisioned take the next step and write it down in the comments below. 

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