2 Building Blocks of Humility Every Leader Needs

Why is it so difficult for us to think less of ourselves and more of others? When we neglect the importance of serving and helping others we hurt our ability to reach new heights. Do you want to rise to great heights? Then you must lay first a foundation of humility.

Humility, Pride

Think of humility as just having a proper view of one’s own importance. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s just thinking of yourself less.

Then you have its opposite, which is pride. Pride is having an excessive or an exaggerated view of one’s own importance.

This actually gives us two categories, which we will call your blockers versus your builders. When you think of your blockers, they are the prideful people. They actually prevent others from getting around them and pretty much focus on their own interests.

Then you have those who are humble and they are your builders, they actually assist others in reaching their potential. They focus on the interests of others as well as themselves, which creates a win-win situation not just for your success but also for the success of those around you.

2 Building Blocks of Humility

If you truly want to rise to great heights then you will have to incorporate these two building blocks of humility.

1. Build a Foundation

Humility is the foundation of success.

It’s easier to stand on solid rock than it is on sinking sand. When you’re building a house you don’t start with the roof, you start with the foundation. The foundation actually holds up and lifts up all the other parts.

Pride actually causes a house to fall down, because it’s only worried about the roof, it’s worried about the top. Pride goes before destruction. Jesus once said that whoever makes himself great (toots their own horn) will be humbled and knocked down, and whoever humbles themselves will actually be made great (Matt 23:12).

Make humility the foundation to your success by lifting up people and in return, God will lift you up.

Humility builds. Pride blocks.

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, once said that “before becoming a leader, success was all about growing yourself.” That’s pride, that’s when you don’t want someone else to get the promotion, or you don’t want to see someone else in the limelight.

He went on to say that “after becoming a leader, success is all about growing others.” That’s humility. That’s when you begin to build a strong foundation of humility. Where you’re focusing on growing your teammates, your coworkers, your family members. It’s a win-win when they grow…you grow.

Blockers criticize. Builders praise and celebrate others. Pride causes your ego to write checks that your character can’t cash. It’s like building your house on sand; when the rain, wind, and flood comes, it will fall. Invest in humility so when those floods come you and those who you are lifting up will be standing on solid rock.

2. Build a Bridge.

Our second building block is to build a bridge. It’s easier to cross a bridge than it is to climb a wall. After living outside of New York City for a couple of years, I know that it’s a lot easier to cross the George Washington Bridge than it is to climb Mount Everest.

Pride builds walls between people, but humility builds bridges. Blockers use walls to prevent others from getting around. I’m sure all of us have probably been guilty on occasion of being a wall that prevented others because we’re so focused on ourselves.

I want to challenge you to be a builder! Build bridges to assist others to reach their full potential.

Regardless your level of success, you are standing on the shoulders of those who has gone before you. You are walking across those bridges. Therefore, you must make sure that your foundation in humility is strong to carry others across as well.

Use your abilities and gifts to actually help your team, co-workers, family and others by being a bridge and not a wall.

Humility unlocks greatness in you by putting others first. Blockers keep others from reaching their full potential. Forget about yourself long enough to lend a helping hand and unlock the greatness in others. We need each other.

Always remember that pride leads to a great fall, but a humble spirit gains honor. Do your part, all your acts of humility, whether it’s serving, helping, supporting others, wherever you are. It’s those acts of humility put together, that leads to results and helps us to change the world.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being exceptionally well. How would you rate your level of humility? Please comment below.

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