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You, yes you are called to be a leader. You may be thinking, “I don’t have an official title or role”, “No way, you could be talking to me.” Wrong! I am talking to you and I am here to tell you that, Leadership isn’t a title, it’s a Lifestyle. A lifestyle is how you live not a position that you hold.

Wisdom Chasers

Many goals that you have for yourself will require leadership to accomplish. Leading of self and leading of others. In order for you to grow in leadership, it will require that your mindset on the topic must grow as well.

Starting with leading from who you are more than the position that you may or may not hold. Who you are is far more important than what you do. Which is why it is so critical that you develop…You.

Success as a leader requires a growth mindset. It demands approaching resistance as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. And it’s only when you stretch beyond what you thought was possible that you discover strength you never knew.

Leadership requires some serious stretching to go beyond our current reality into endless possibilities. The call of leadership isn’t one of comfort but of Sacrifice. It’s when things get uncomfortable when you must push harder, for your breakthrough is near.

Do you feel that you…

  • Believe that with God, Anything is Possible.
  • Succeed by Helping Others Succeed.
  • Make a Difference Before You Make a Complaint.
  • Lead by Example Regardless of Your Title.
  • See Life as a Continuous Learning Experience.

I can visualize you shaking your head “YES” continuously while reading that list. You might have thought, “Steve, you could have stopped at the first bullet!” If you indeed answered yes to one or all of those points, then Wisdom Chasers is the right tribe for you!

Here’s How Wisdom Chasers Helps You Grow As a Leader & Maximize Your Influence

1. Wisdom Chasers is here to help you grow UPWARD

Spiritual Growth Leads to Leadership Growth

I believe that you were born with a specific call on your life to make a difference in this world. Before you were born, your creator had a plan for you. A plan so big that you can not accomplish it without him. You must have a higher calling, purpose, or faith that you rely on to help you fulfill your dreams.

Without growing spiritually, you are more likely to be lost, misguided and useless as a servant leader. The concept of being “Self-Made” is one of the biggest pitfalls for the next generational leader. When your EGO (edging God out) takes control, you run the risk of letting your pride hurt your influence with others.

Jeff Giesea, entrepreneur and executive coach believe, “that the best way to grow as a leader is to grow spiritually.” He believes that the more your grow spiritually, the better you can serve others. Leadership is a call to serve God and people.

Wisdom Chasers will provide content, resources, and encouragement to help you increase your influence and grow Upward as a leader.

2. Wisdom Chasers is here to help you grow INWARD

Personal Growth Leads to Leadership Growth

Contrary to popular belief, growth doesn’t happen overnight. Expecting to be an expert after reading one book on a topic is foolish. Growth happens over time. Personal (inward) growth is a lifelong process that requires you to invest in your development continuously.

It’s hard to lead others if you can’t lead yourself. Discipline, humility, integrity, character, wisdom and so many other qualities don’t develop themselves. You must be intentional in your own development in order to lead others.  If you can’t lead you, you can’t lead them.

Rick Warren, philanthropists and pastor stated, “The moment you stop learning you stop leading.” I have also heard that a leader is a reader. What are you doing to develop yourself on your personal time? Do you have a personal development plan?

Wisdom Chasers will provide courses, resources, and content to help you increase your influence and grow Inward as a leader.

3. Wisdom Chasers is here to help you grow OUTWARD

 Relational Growth Leads to Leadership Growth

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Care more about helping people than impressing people. If you want to increase your influence with people increase your focus towards others.

Remember that leadership is a call to serve. As a leader, you succeed when you help others succeed. Moving people from where they are currently to where they desire to be, require relational skills; how you interact with others.

Your effectiveness as a leader rests heavily on how you relate to others. Expressing genuine and sincere care for others is a fast track to winning their hearts. You may have the know-how and experience to offer but if you don’t connect with their hearts, your smarts are irrelevant.

Wisdom Chasers will provide resources, content, and courses to help you increase your influence and grow Outward as a leader.

You are most likely busy and overwhelmed with finding time for your leadership development. Let Wisdom Chasers help you with your development by joining the Wisdom Chasers tribe. We look forward to helping you grow and growing with you!

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