Don't Let Your Past Keep You From Your Destiny

Don’t let focusing on your past (rearview) distract you from the success that lies ahead through your windshield. Windshield focus ensures that you don’t miss the exit to your destiny!


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to speak at my alma mater Central Michigan University, during a 100 Man March Event. I challenged the students to let their past remind them and not confine them. Now I’m challenging you.

Spending too much time focusing on your past can prevent you from realizing your destiny. Your rearview (past) is there for a reason, your past can actually help you if you check it and not focus on it. Let your past serve to remind you of the things to avoid and things to embrace.

Windshield Time

During your commute to and from work, you may have a lot of windshield time. Hopefully, during those times your listening to great podcasts and growing as a leader (no, talk radio doesn’t count). Maybe sometimes like me, you get distracted looking into your rear view mirrors?

There’s a reason why the windshield is the biggest in your car, it’s what you should be focusing on the majority of the time. When you let what’s happening around you and especially behind you cause a distraction, you run the risk of missing your exit or crashing into obstacles to your success.

During your leadership journey, it’s important that you prepare for the process and not the event. Focusing on the event and not preparing for the process is the equivalent to rushing the leadership process, there are no shortcuts to leadership.

Focusing on the promotion, presentation, or game and neglecting the daily process that prepares you, in essence, will leave you unprepared. Without the practice, training, sacrifices and daily routines, when the event does arrive you won’t be ready.

I leave you with the video of a few clips from my speech at Central Michigan. I hope it will encourage you to check the rearview and focus on the windshield as you travel the road to success.

Don’t let what has happened in your past prevent you from capitalizing on the opportunities that lie ahead. There are so many opportunities that are in front of you waiting, focus on the windshield.

 Is there something from your past that has distracted you from reaching your goals? Please share in the comments. 

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